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May 28 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite Has Got Labrinth On Board For Her Forthcoming Album

The north London-born MC says she had an instant spark with the talented producer.

Ms Dynamite, real name Niomi McLean-Daley, spoke to me at Volvo Snowbombing about her new record, which cements her return to the urban scene.

She told me: “As soon as I met Labrinth I knew we’d work well together. He’s so talented, a genius.

“As an musician you know straight away if you’ll have a good working relationship with someone and I connected with him straight away.”

She also explained her explosive personality which manifests itself when performing.

Dynamite said: “I don’t know what happens to me. I’ll go to a gig and meet the promoter and be my usual quiet self but as soon as I get the mic in my hand something overcomes me and I go wild.

“Then, when I come off stage, the promoter is like ‘What the hell just happened?’ I can’t explain it myself.”


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