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Jan 15 / Prinza

Ms. Dynamite Cops Plea

Yes, Ms. Dynamite has a short fuse. The British rapper has copped to charges of smacking down a female police officer outside a London nightclub last week. The artist, whose real name is Niomi Mclean-Daley, pleaded guilty Friday to assault and disorderly conduct stemming from her Jan. 6 arrest. The incident occurred while Ms. Dynamite was reportedly out celebrating her 25th birthday with her younger brother, businessman Kingsley Daley, at West London’s Paragon Lounge. We’re not quite sure why she was celebrating her birthday in January–her Wikipedia entry has her birthdate as Apr. 26, 1981. In any case, police were called in to investigate a “large disturbance” near the trendy club’s entrance. According to authorities, officers witnessed the brash entertainer kicking a door. “She was told to calm down on repeated occasions but didn’t,” prosecutor Audrey Hawkes told the BBC. Hawkes said the rapper became verbally abusive and was arrested. Her 22-year-old brother was charged with obstructing police and another acquaintance, Carline Godwin, 24, with disturbing the peace. The confrontation allegedly didn’t end there, however. Ms. Dynamite was transported to a nearby police station, but instead of going quietly, she began screaming again and “hit the police officer once with an open palm on the side of the face,” Hawkes said. “There was no injury.” Ms. Dynamite’s defense counsel, Anthony Burton, told the BBC that the entertainer had become upset after she and her 18-year-old sister were targeted with racial remarks. While he refused to elaborate, the attorney did say that press accounts that Ms. Dynamite punched the officer were inaccurate and that both sides have since concurred that she only slapped the officer. District Judge Caroline Tubbs has not ruled out a possible jail term for the hip-hopster when she is sentenced Jan. 27. Daley and Godwin, meanwhile, have pleaded not guilty to their charges. All three have been released on bail. Ms. Dynamite is perhaps best known Stateside for her seductive 2002 debut, A Little Deeper, which won her Britain’s prestigious Mercury Music Prize for Album of the Year for 2002. After taking time off to have a baby, she returned to performing last summer, appearing on the London bill of Live 8.

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