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Mar 13 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite’s Survival Tips – Women In The Industry

Over ten years ago Ms Dynamite burst into the music industry with “Booo”, and has been inspiring an entire generation of female MCs to grab the mic and express themselves in a male-dominated industry ever since. Taking part in Mistajam’s seminar at BBC Introducing Masterclass 2012, the UK legend shared her four top tips on how to survive in the music industry as a female with Bea Alessio

Be yourself.

Never try to be what you feel somebody else wants you to be, or be how people want you to be in order to fit in. I think when we try to be somebody we’re not it goes against the spirit of who we are and I don’t think it ever works. You might achieve some success, but I personally don’t think you ever going to be happy about that.

Follow your heart.

Maybe not even your heart, but that inner voice that you have. Listen to it. Everybody will give you advice, everybody will have things to say. Some of the advice is going to work for you but some of the advice isn’t. I personally think you have to fail or succeed being able to walk away knowing that it was your decision.

Don’t let ‘being a woman’ be a downfall.

The fact you are a woman shouldn’t make you feel any less important than anyone around you.

Be in control.

Have as much control over your image, your styling, your sound and your business. Be very aware of every element of your career, especially the business side.

Catch Ms Dynamite performing across the UK on Maverick Sabre’s tour in March and keep your eyes peeled for her album coming out this year.

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