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Oct 27 / Prinza

May 2002: Punctuality’s a problem for Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite has revealed the secret to her new-found success – having someone else manage her diary. Naomi Maclean-Daley – aka Ms Dynamite – exploded onto the music scene last year with her underground garage hit ‘Boo!’, and now she’s back with ‘It Takes More’, out this week. The north-London MC is currently on her ‘Hit and Run’ tour, and admits there have been several occasions where she’s almost let her fans down: “I remember going all the way to Birmingham, when Birmingham was the day after, and I was actually meant to be in Bagleys in London. We got back just in time, like, as it was just about to finish.” “There were still people left, but obviously not as much people as were there at the time I was supposed to be there. But that happened quite a few times!”

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