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Oct 27 / Prinza

March 2003: No place like home for Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite’s over in the US at the moment – but even though she’s tipped for success, the UK garage star says there’s no place like home.Her label are hoping her trip stateside will result in better record sales as, despite huge success at awards ceremonies, she’s only sold 450,000 copies of ‘A Little Deeper’ in the UK.It doesn’t look very good when compared to Robbie’s ‘Escapology’, which sold nearly 1.5 million.Her album’s out in the US next week – but she says she’s already looking forward to coming home:”No matter where I go or who I meet or what I do or where I sing or how many records I sell or how many awards I win, I go home and I’m just Niomi… plain old Niomi and no-one cares! You know, they’re supportive and totally really proud of me, but I’m just Ni, you know, and I love that.”

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