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Nov 30 / Prinza

London Eye’s ‘festival in the sky’ delights dance music fans

MORE than 80 music stars turned the London Eye into mini-nightclubs last week, as part of Red Bull’s Revolutions In Sound.

Acts such as Ms Dynamite, Professor Green and Kano performed intimate gigs in front of fans in each of the iconic landmark’s pods – dubbed a ‘festival in the sky’.

The night was part of Red Bull Music Academy’s 10-date world tour, which also visited cities such as New York, Sao Paulo, Rome and Paris.

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DJs Goldie, Rob da Bank and David Rodigan also performed at the one-off event, delighting fans who were lucky enough to get tickets.

The 30 hour-long gigs were also broadcast live on the internet, allowing fans all over the world to listen in as the wheel turned.

And at the base of the Eye, Radio One’s hip-hop legend Tim Westwood also played to hundreds of fans at a Silent Disco.

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