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Oct 27 / Prinza

July 2002: Ms Dynamite’s single doubts

Ms Dynamite has exclusively admitted to Radio 1 she doesn’t like her new single, ‘Dy-na-mi-tee’. She made the comments at a celebrity bash on Saturday night:”It’s still one of my worst songs. I don’t like it. I don’t know what it is. It’s not even that I don’t like it now, it’s just that perhaps it’s not showing the side of me that I wanna continue to show right now.”Over 3,000 revellers raved it up at the bash in London’s East End until the early hours. As well as Ms Dynamite, Kosheen, Boy George and Adam F all lent their hands on the decks to make the night a big one. Meanwhile, Boy George spoke to Radio 1 about Eminem and said he reckons Slim Shady’s a bit of a coward:”The thing that’s interesting about Eminem is he can give it, but he can’t take it. And if you’re not prepared to stand by what you say, and hide behind aliases, then you’re a coward.”The party was a celebration of dance music and the launch of

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