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Apr 27 / Prinza

‘Jammin for Inclusion’ cancelled: Ms Dynamite was due to perform

{nl}{nl}{nl}A CHARITY gig featuring top musicians, including Ms Dynamite, has been pulled just days before the event. {nl}The event was due to be held at Brixton Jamm club in Brixton Road on Wednesday night. Founder of CEN Deuan German, 49, from Balham, said he was told about the cancellation on Monday. {nl}He said he was invited to Lambeth police station to meet PC Errol Patterson, the African-Carribbean community liaison officer to discuss how police could work with the organisation. While at the station, Mr German claimed he was told the event, which he had been organising since January, was being pulled. Mr German said the police felt unable to get adequate security measures in place in time for the gig. {nl}He said: “The event was cancelled due to ‘risk factors’. They presented us with all these nightmare scenarios that could have taken place. They were worried that the event could be hijacked, or could lead to knives or firearms coming into the area and they wouldn’t be able to handle the situation at short notice. We feel they overreacted but we had no way of arguing against it. But we know from the ticket sales that we had a diverse range of people coming to the event

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