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Biography Niomi McLean-Daley, aka Ms. Dynamite, was born in North London in 1981.
Throughout her years growing up in a music-orientated family of 11 siblings.

Discography Albums released are A Little Deeper and Judgment Days. Singles released are
It Takes More, Booo!, Dy-na-mi-tee, Put Him Out, Judgment Day and Father.

Videography Ms Dynamites videos from her album A Little Deeper are It Takes More,
Dy-na-mi-tee. Videos from Judgment days are Father and Judgment Day.

Filmography Live 8, The Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards, Brit Awards, Top of the Pops,
Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, The Nation Capital Music Awards, CD:UK.

Track List Sick ‘N’ Tired, Krazy Krush, Put Your Gun Away, Self Destruct, Ramp, Fly.
Put Him Out, Judgment Days, Father, Fall In Love Again, Gotta Let It Go.

Timeline 1981 Ms Dynamite aka Niomi was born. May 11 2001, Single “Booo!” is
released. In 2002 on the 6th of August Album “A Little Deeper” is released.

Awards Received Award From Mercury Music Prize for A Little Deeper, 3 MOBO
Awards for Best Single, Newcomer, UK Act, and South Bank Show Award.

Fact File A little deeper was recorded in New York, Miami, Sweden, and Jamaica.
Ms Dynamite worked with the RAW FM radio station in London year 2000.

Quotes “He’s a terror, if I don’t watch him everything in my room ends up destroyed.”
“I guess I prove that you can be a pop star and still have a brain…”

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