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Apr 25 / Prinza

Hell’s Kitchen: Ms Dynamite sacked by the public

Tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen saw the celebrities whittled down to three as the public voted for Niomi McLean-Daley to be sacked.{nl}With just the four celebs, the work in the kitchen had to to be spread thinly.  The pressure built up during service, with each of the amateur cooks multi-tasking.  “It is a competition.  It’s not a tea party,” Marco reminded them.{nl}It had also been an emotional day for the four remaining celebrities as they considered who much they had bonded with each other since they had arrived in Hell’s Kitchen.  There were tears – even from Adrian Edmondson, the last remaining boy.{nl}But one person had to go and the public chose Niomi – aka rapper Ms Dynamite.  The singer, who had both ups and downs during her time on the show, seemed surprised to be leaving, but had earlier stated that she was amazed to be in the final four.{nl}Speaking to Hell’s Kitchen host Claudia Winkleman after being sacked, Niomi described her time in the kitchen as an “amazing experience” and tipped model Danielle Bux to win the show.   Source

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