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Fact File


Real Name: Niomi Arleen MacLean-Daley
Birthday: April 26, 1981
Birth Location: ArchwayLondonEngland
Genres: R&Bgrimehip hop2-step garage
Occupations: Rapper, singer-songwriter
Instruments: Singing, rapping
Years Active: 2001–present
Labels: Polydor (2001–2006) Relentless (2011–present)
Current Residence: Kentish Town
Mother & Father: Heather Court & Eyon Daley (Second Mother: Dionne Wilson)
Brothers: Kingslee McLean Daley (Akala) & Jerrone (Snooze) Daley
Sister: Jessica Daley
Old Body Guard: Dwayne Seaforth
Son’s Name & Birthday Year: Shavaar 2003


  • Since Fresh Prince Ms Dynamite has had a crush on Will Smith and she likes how he is funny.
  • Ms Dynamite believes that you can still be feminine and hard at the same time.
  • Ms Dynamite likes to put butter, jam or honey on her toast.
  • As a child the cartoons Ms Dynamite used to watch were Gummy Bears, Tom and Jeri and The Raccoons.
  • Ms Dynamites favorite gadget is her Ipod Touch. She is stuck on the game angry birds and addicted to Fruit Ninja.
  • Ms Dynamite calls herself a 7 year old at heart.
  • Ms Dynamites favorite colors are orange and purple.
  • Ms Dynamites favorite vegetables are Asparagus and Broccoli.
  • She worked at RAW FM radio station in London in 2002.
  • She passed up a place to read social anthropology at Sussex University in order to concentrate on music.
  • Ms Dynamite designed her own Nike Shox trainers.
  • She spent 4 years living in London hostels and it was a depressing time.
  • Ms Dynamite was discovered by Richard Forbes.


  • Ms Dynamite grew up in a very musical house with two brothers and that sing and rap that go by the names Akala and Snooze. One of Ms Dynamite’s sister can also sing.
  • Her parents were parted when she was only 2 years old.
  • Ms Dynamite’s dad was into hip hop and introduced Ms Dynamite hip hop and reggae.
  • Ms Dynamite is the eldest of ten children in her family.
  • She moved out of her family home at the tender age of 15 because she was “clashing heads every moment” with her over-protective mother, Heather.
  • Her old bodyguard Dwayne Seaforth is also Shavaars dad.
  • Dwayne was jobless until Ms Dynamite made him her security guard so they could spend more time together.
  • Ms Dynamite has paid for a property that adjoins her mother’s home in Kentish Town.
  • Ms Dynamite raves about how she loves being the mother and her son Shavaar.
  • Ms Dynamites Son Shavaar loves listening to her brother Akala’s music.
  • There was a time when Ms Dynamite was so tired and her son knew it. So he got up and made his own breakfast, took a shower, got his clothes on for school, got everything together and ready for school. He then phoned his grandma and told Ms Dynamite that grandma will take me to school. What a cutie!


  • Her first single was “Booo!” and it was entered in the music charts at No.12 in Spring of May 2001.
  • Her album A Little Deeper was recorded in New York, Miami, Sweden, and Jamaica.
  • In March 2003, A Little Deeper was released on Interscope Records in the U.S. backed by the first single “It Takes More”.
  • For Ms Dynamite’s single Neva Soft she wanted a dance tune because its where she officially started with her single “Booo!” and it was more natural to her.
  • Kentish Town resident Ms Dynamite has become the first solo black female artist to pick up the prestigious Mercury Music Prize. The 21-year-old won the £20,000 prize for her debut album “A Little Deeper” beating rivals The Streets and The Coral.
  • ‘Booo!’ was produced by garage don Sticky.
  • She has won the Mercury Music Prize for debut album A Little Deeper and three Mobo Awards.
  • Neva Soft was originally scheduled to be released August 28,2011.
  • Ms Dynamites deepest song is “Brother” and writing the song made her cry.

If any of this information is wrong or untrue, please contact me. This information above was provided from random websites around the internet.

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