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Oct 28 / Prinza

Exploding The Ms.

When PlayLouder calls Ms Dynamite, she comes across as a sweet, determined and intelligent young woman trying to reconcile the demands of motherhood with her career. She exists in a realm of nappies and nursery school teachers with voluminous rears and kindly ears, worrying about the future for her son. Shavaar was a pivotal presence in the studio during the recording of ‘Judgement Days’. “If I didn’t have him with me I think I would have gone crazy,” she says. “I wouldn’t have been able to leave him for that amount of time and been able to focus.” Moreover, the long gap between ‘A Little Deeper’ and ‘Judgement Days’ was precisely because she wanted to leave her music to focus on giving Shavaar the best start in life “I have had a straight year when it was just me and him, and then he went to nursery, and then I started recording and he came with me everywhere, while I was recording.” – not something you’d see from the likes of Britney Spears, now is it?Of course, motherhood seems to have had a profound affect on Ms. Dynamite’s worldview, as it would do to anyone who’s just brought a small person into existence. Her voice cracks with more than just the common cold as she tells me “now being a mum and having brought a child into the world makes me even more determined to make the tiniest, tiniest change. It’s kind of frightening to bring a child into the world. The way things are the thought that I’m not always going to be here to protect him is not really the nicest of thoughts.” And to those who’d accuse her desire to speak up about issues as being mere marketing? According to Ms.Dynamite, her political opinions are “part of who I am,” a result of her upbringing by a left-wing mother and step father. “I remember being no more than five years old and being taken off to marches round London and the countryside causes to free people in other countries, or animal rights,” she says. But is she merely a privileged pop person spouting from her ivory tower, and – worst of all, a sanctimonious busy-body? Does that affect her at all? “Not really,” she reckons, “To be honest with you, I don’t get wound up other people think of me as an artist.” She also believes that there’s a nastier side to this attitude. “I feel that if you’re the sort of happy-go-lucky woman who gets her tits out and shakes her arse to make a quick buck, you’re going to get slated for it,” she says, “Then if you draw attention to issues and what’s on your mind rather than your physical appearance, then you’re going to get slated as well. Either way, no-one can win.” Some might argue that Ms Dynamite’s deal with Pepsi, reputedly worth

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