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Oct 28 / Prinza

Dynamite’s Father Upset

Outspoken rapper Ms Dynamite’s new song ‘Father’ has apparently upset her real-life dad Eyon Daley, who claims that the song’s cutting lyrics about him are untrue. The preachy-keen singer’s new single includes the lyrics, “Though it seemed like you couldn’t see me, ’til I picked up the mic and I was on the TV / Now you ringing off my phone like every week, where were you at six, seven, 11 and 13?” But Daddy Dynamite told the femalefirst website that although he separated from the shouty singer’s mum when she was two-years-old, he supported his daughter throughout her life, until an argument last year. He said: “Since I left, she has come to stay with me every half-term, every holiday and I visited her as often as I could. We were really close, but now I feel she wants to make out that I was the bad guy in her past to give a talking point to sell her CD.” Who knows whats ture?

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