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Oct 14 / Prinza

Dynamite blasts racism

MS DYNAMITE thrilled pupils with an impromptu visit to an Essex school today – even inviting two of them on stage to perform for her.The Mercury Music Prize and Brit Award winning singer was at Barking Abbey Comprehensive to deliver an anti-racism message to students.The gorgeous R&B star wasn’t able to perform, so lucky teenagers Anil Sivarajah and Kimberley Otchere got on stage and sang instead.Ms Dynamite had previously read out a statement urging the Barking and Dagenham based pupils to fight racism.In the recent local election the BNP won 11 council seats and there have recently been several very serious racist attacks in the area.Ms Dynamite told how a host of medical advances – including blood transfusions, incubators and anaesthetics – were thanks to doctors and scientists from ethnic minorities.The singer added that without immigration most of the music Brits love today, from grime and dancehall to indie and rock, wouldn’t be around.The event was organised by Love Music Hate Racism members and school pupils Carolynn Hansen and Frances Smith, both 16.Carolynn said: “This has been such a positive experience. Ms Dynamite is an inspiration and her speech was very moving.”Stuart Cohen, 29, who was filming the event for the school’s website added: “Capturing the students faces as they realised their surprise guest was Ms Dynamite is something I’ll never forget.”As well as getting to meet a hero, I hope everyone took away a positive message.”Other celebrities to visit Barking Abbey Comprehensive this year include footballers Bobby Zamora and David James and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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