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Oct 3 / Prinza

DJ Zinc ft. Ms. Dynamite – ‘Wile Out’

Ever heard of Cosmic Ordering? It’s a kind of events shopping list thing that Noel Edmonds likes to talk about. He claims that he willed his return to TV glory on Deal Or No Deal just by thinking really hard about how much he would like it to happen. There may have been some writing down too, but essentially all you have to do is think about something you want, and REALLY WANT IT HARD, and it’ll happen.

An example: just the other day I was thinking how sad it was that Lily Allen was no longer on Twitter. The very next day, she came back. I KNOW!

It’s the same with Ms Dynamite. Here’s a lady who also knows a thing or two about trying to make a comeback. After her 2002 Mercury prize-winning heyday she managed to disappear from the public eye so effectively, she was used as an example of the ‘curse’ of being tipped for greatness.

It’s a strange media invention, the Mercury curse, because it ignores the fact that the artists already achieved the greatness in order to win the award in the first place. It’s not an award for potential, is it? And anyway, it’s not Ms Dynamite is the only pop act from 2002 who wandered out of sight for a bit *cough*BLAZINSQUAD*cough*.

Anyway, a record like this has to be the cosmic result of a few people wondering where she was, and wishing she was back with us. Presumably DJ Zinc was one of those people.

(Here’s the video. It’s all there in black and white.)

Musically, this provides the same lick of fresh paint for squitty, bass-heavy club bangers that Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ applied for sumptuous old disco, with Ms. D acting out both roles, the melodious singer and street-hardened guest rapper. Nothing drastically new on display, but really great to have back in your life.

I had a quick check to see if I could find the lyrics online, as I often do in case I’ve missed some hideous adult reference or whispered cuss. On one of the pages I found, someone has dutifully transcribed every word of the chorus, and then when it gets to the growly verses, they just put six lines of “????????????”.

In a darkened room somewhere, a lady who looks a lot like Ms D has just written “GO BACK AND LISTEN AGAIN, IT’S NOT ROCKET SURGERY” on a piece of paper and crossed her fingers. Hard.

Download: Out now
CD Released: February 8th
BBC Music page

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