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Oct 27 / Prinza

December 2002: Ms Dynamite gets political

Ms Dynamite has been having a go at politicians – she was interviewed on ‘Newsnight’ yesterday about her views on Westminister.She was very clear about where she thought the government is going wrong:”I don’t feel that there’s anyone in the cabinet at all that I feel I can relate to, or that relates to me – there’s no one. I don’t think that all politicians are terrible people and don’t give a damn at all, but what I do think is that they don’t really listen to young people. They don’t listen to how we’re affected everyday. And even if they do, they don’t really stick their neck out and do anything about it.”"The connotations that come with the word politics are middle class, rich white men that don’t give a damn about what we’re gonna think… and I don’t mean that as in ‘we’ as a black person, I mean that as ‘we’ as young people…”She said she might even go into politics sometime in the future herself, but she’s happy just enjoying herself at the moment:”I’d love to! You know, for me personally, right now, I’m not saying that it’s something I wouldn’t get into. You never know, you might see Ms Dynamite as a politician soon.”"Right now I’m enjoying being young and free and able to express myself

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