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Oct 27 / Prinza

December 2002: Asher D and Ms Dynamite to star in new movie

Asher D has confirmed that he and Ms Dynamite are being lined up for major roles in a film about urban life.He was sent the script whilst he was in prison, and says the script is on its 10th draft but it’s looking like it will happen:”It’s a script about the urban music scene at the moment, and the garage scene. Me and Dynamite have been tipped for the first and second leads, so that’s just in the process at the moment.”"There’s a lot of politics, contracts and stuff like that going on but it should be out sometime next year. Yeah, I’ve read the script… it’s a good script. A lot of people don’t know I was an actor before I was a musician.”He said he’s done a track with Jamelia, and also said several tracks he wrote in jail will appear on his next album – which should be out next year.

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