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Jan 22 / Prinza

Day Ms Dynamite blew up

It was a bit too much of a rap from rap singer Ms Dynamite on the nose of a police woman.But the 24-year-old managed to avoid a jail sentence after a judge ordered her to carry out 60 hours community work.Ms Dynamite – aka Niomi McLean-Daley – had admitted causing a disturbance outside a London nightclub and then hitting PC Caryn Marles when she was arrested.Pc Marles suffered “whip-lash like injuries” from the blow, had suffered fainting and headaches and had had to take time off work, the court heard.comment to above: yeah right! hahaha stupid copsThe singer, who has sold millions of records, many of which condemn violence, racism and bullying, had been told she faced a prison sentence.But district Judge Timothy Workman at London’s at Bow Street Magistrates Court said she would be spared jail because of her previous good character.The court heard that Ms Dynamite and friends had spent the early morning of January 6 drinking at several bars around London.At 5.25am police were called to a disturbance and Ms Dynamite was found kicking at the door of the prestigious Paragon Lounge nightclub in Hanover Street, Mayfair.Kashif Malik, prosecuting, told the court that despite several attempts, officers were unable to calm the “agitated” singer.”She kept screaming. She kept repeating the words ‘you don’t care, you are not bothered,” said Mr Malik. “She was swearing and there was a short struggle.”Ms Dynamite was then arrested and taken to the police station. She lashed out at PC Marles when the police woman tried to remove her jewellery.Mr Malik said: “She did not want to be dealt with by this officer. The officer was struck across the bridge of the nose with her [Ms Dynamite's] open hand and the heel of the palm.”Ms Dynamite, the mother of a two-year-old son, became one of the brightest young talents in British music when the then 21-year-old’s debut album A Little Deeper won the Mercury Music Prize.Her stock has fallen since and Judgment Day, a comeback single released in October last year, reached only number 25 in the charts.Her solicitor Anthony Burton told the court that the row was “triggered” when the singer’s sister, Annabell, 18, was racially abused inside the nightclub.Ms Dynamite was ordered to pay nearly $2000 compensation to the PC and fined $880.

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