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Mar 5 / Prinza

CLUBS: Ms Dynamite’s just the girl for a Noisey Night


VICE Magazine, once the rag of choice for self-obsessed hipsters, is undergoing a quite remarkable turnaround.

Nowadays their correspondents are more likely to be found reporting from North Korean labour camps than Brooklyn warehouse parties: its transformation into a mainstream-news source is as impressive as the courage of their writers and the diversity of its content.

Noisey is one of their less dangerous assignments (although, I suppose, they haven’t been to Glasgow yet), a feature which documents live music worldwide.

They’ve held gigs and club nights in cities from New York to Tokyo to London, and next up for this globetrotting spectacle is The Arches.

Now, New York’s Noisey Night featured the intensely groovy electro funk of YACHT.

London got Mogwai’s surging, eardrum-destroying post rock. We get Ms Dynamite!

One can’t help but think it feels like a missed opportunity, but in the ten years since “Miss Dynami-tee-hee”, Niomi McLean-Daley has evolved from being poppy hip-hop star to being a full-on dubstep cum Jamaican dancehall bass merchant.

So the reason you haven’t heard much from her lately? She became cool.

Support comes from Murkage, a ridiculously loud Mancunian “cartel” who make emphatically bass-driven grime.

Doorly, perhaps Huddersfield’s foremost techno/electro/garage producer, also warms up, as does Mixed Bizness’ own spinner Boom Monk Ben.

  • Noisey Nights, The Arches, Saturday, 11pm-3am, £10 plus booking fee.
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