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Oct 28 / Prinza

2004: Ms Dynamite’s big Earnings!

Stunning British R’n'B star MS DYNAMITE has raked in a staggering $5,600 (GBP4,000) a minute for one gig – making her one of pop’s highest-paid performers.The PUT HIM OUT beauty, 22, was on stage for just six minutes at a top bash in a swanky West London club, and sang only two songs.This is quite a contrast for the star, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, who was living in a hostel on just $37 (GBP25) a week ten years ago.An insider at her record label POLYDOR says, “Ms Dynamite is cutting work commitments to the bare minimum. But $5,600 (GBP4,000) a minute is enough to get anybody out of semi-retirement.”Aww go Ms Dynamite!!

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