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Oct 27 / Prinza

2003: Ms Dynamite had the night of her life

R&B sensation Ms Dynamite has had the night of her life, landing two coveted Brit music awards and leading a pop protest against war in Iraq. “I don’t want to see the children die no more so I gotta make a stand,” she sang in an impassioned duet with George Michael, the veteran pop superstar who gave the Londoner permission to re-work his great hit song “Faith”. From fashion designers to church leaders, the British have risen in protest against looming war in Iraq. On Thursday it was the turn of the pop world to protest against the hawkish stance taken by Prime Minister Tony Blair in support of U.S. President George W. Bush. In fervent mood, Ms Dynamite sang: “A wise man wars with words, my daddy says. A wise man lives to fight another day.” Ms Dynamite, who spoke against the war at London

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