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Oct 27 / Prinza

2003: Dynamite talks Craig David

British R’n'B star MS DYNAMITE has hit out at chart rival CRAIG DAVID – insisting his American chart campaign was a bad career move.The MERCURY PRIZE-winning singer, who is currently launching her own assault on the US music scene, insists SEVEN DAYS hitmaker Craig spent too long stateside, away from his British fans.Dynamite – real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALY – says, I feel a mistake he made was that when he went to the US he didn’t really give anything to his fans in Britain for a long time.”I think that was a little detrimental to his career, because the stuff he’s come with now is really good, but it’s different to what people knew him for.”And the IT TAKES MORE singer is adamant she won’t make the same mistake.She adds, “I don’t wanna come back with an album that makes people wonder where the hell I’ve been. I wanna be able to work both markets.”

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