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Oct 27 / Prinza

2003: Dynamite rewarded for campaign against gun crime

British hip-hop star MS DYNAMITE has been rewarded for her passionate contribution to the campaign against gun crime.The DY-NA-MI-TEE singer was presented with the CAPITAL RADIO Big Voice Award at London’s Women Of The Year Lunch and Assembly 2003, in recognition of her call for an end to gun violence in Birmingham, England.Earlier this year (03), the star read from a poem she had composed calling for black people to “start loving instead of killing each other. Instead of putting ourselves down, let us help up our sisters and brothers”.Today’s (13OCT03) event was organised in memory of CHARLENE ELLIS and LATISHA SHAKESPEARE, who were shot dead in the Aston area of Birmingham on 2 January.Although honoured by the award, Ms Dynamite admitted to the audience she felt undeserving.She said, “All I really do is kind of speak about how I feel. I have got a pretty big mouth. I just like to say what I think but I am really glad that that seems to be influencing people in a positive way.”I just really hope that I can continue to do lots more positive things and influence lots more people.”She added that she wanted to make a “difference and make the world a much more positive place”

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